National Nursing Home Week is a special time dedicated to honoring the residents, staff, and volunteers who make nursing homes like Reformed Church Home a place of nurturing and care. This weeklong celebration, taking place annually in May, highlights the important role these facilities play in caring for the elderly and disabled members of our community.


Nursing Home Week is an opportunity to recognize the efforts and dedication of individuals who provide care in nursing homes. It is marked by activities and events designed to foster relationships between residents, families, and staff. At Reformed Church Home, we take pride in creating a welcoming and supportive environment, and this week helps spotlight our ongoing commitment to excellence in care.

For us, Nursing Home Week means celebrating the stories and contributions of our residents while acknowledging the tireless work of our caregivers. It’s a time for reflection on the impact of our mission to provide compassionate, professional care that respects the dignity of everyone.

There are many ways to show appreciation during Nursing Home Week:

  • Visit Loved Ones: Spending time with residents can make a significant difference to their well-being.
  • Volunteer: Offering time or skills can greatly enrich the daily lives of residents.
  • Donations: Consider donating items that can be used for activities or improving facilities.
  • Acknowledgements: Simple gestures like thank-you cards can uplift the spirits of the staff.

Reformed Church Home encourages you to celebrate Nursing Home Week. Whether it’s participating in an event, sharing stories on social media, or just saying a kind word, every act of kindness contributes to the joy and vibrancy of our home. Let’s make this week memorable for everyone involved!


If you’d like to learn more about assisted living or skilled nursing options for senior-aged family members, contact Reformed Church Home in Old Bridge, NJ today.