RCH Rehabilitation Center

Following an acute hospital stay, individuals requiring rehabilitation will appreciate our in-patient rehabilitation floor and on-site team of board-registered physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Our therapy programs are tailored to each person’s needs, and are conducted in a large, bright, state-of-the-art gym.

Frequent team meetings and family progress reports help ensure individuals regain their independence and can return home as quickly as possible. Families are encouraged to attend therapy sessions at our Old Bridge, NJ, rehabilitation center on Thursdays of each week to observe their loved one’s progress.

Short-term SAR residents range in age from a minimum of 50 years old to elderly members of the local community. We are especially equipped to provide care for post-surgical procedures and orthopedic, cardiopulmonary and stroke-related illnesses.

Before undergoing elective surgery that will require rehab, we encourage a visit to our community for a tour. You can then specify that Reformed Church Home is your first choice for your SAR stay.

Our rehabilitation center also features:

  • Around the clock health monitoring by our award-winning team of nurses and certified nurses’ aides
  • Spacious, uniquely designed semi-private and private rooms
  • Telephone and satellite television service at
  • NO additional charge
  • Separate dining areas for SAR residents
  • A “Family Caring for Family” mindset


We Are Here for You

Our team is dedicated to helping restore you to your best self. Talk to our team today and see how we can help you!

SAR Coverage and Fees

After meeting certain criteria, one of which is a minimum 3-night hospital stay as an in-patient, traditional Medicare A covers 100% of the first 20 days of SAR; from days 21 to 100, there is a $200.00* co-payment, which may be covered by secondary medical insurance. (Note, residents must be deemed eligible for continued coverage based on Medicare guidelines; the number of therapy days will be determined by your specific condition, progress during therapy, and other factors.)

Medicare A coverage pays for skilled nursing care, medications, medical supplies and equipment used in our facility, rehabilitative therapy, medical social services, ambulance transportation within certain guidelines, and dietary counseling. Room and board are also covered as part of the rehabilitation stay.

Medicare Advantage Plans & HMOs

Medicare Advantage Plans and HMOs vary in their terms and conditions. You must verify with your individual insurance company exactly what is covered. Since Reformed Church Home is not affiliated with all Advantage Plans and HMO providers, please confirm coverage with us before applying.