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Review from a Happy Family Member

After what I have seen in nursing homes with 2 sets of elderly family members (my parents and my in laws) I can tell you that this nursing home is a palace. It is clean, I never had to wait for anyone to do anything important, they either had it done or were asking me before I even had the thought. Keep in mind the difficulty of working in a place like this, how stressful and sad it must be at times. The employees here really made us feel comfortable about everything, they are giving excellent care to my mother in law in rehab, they are always pleasant, thorough and professional. They always remember who I am and who I am there for. I can see all the other patients are well cared for and happy (as they can be - in a nursing home). The nursing homes I had dealt with previously were horrible, patients left alone, things getting stolen, uninformed and unprofessional employees, broken a/c unite, bugs etc - but there is NONE OF THAT GOING ON HERE! They make sure each patient has their own belongings always and this place is clean and pleasant. It came highly recommended by a friend who is a speech therapist (not associated with this facility) and also a resident of the home who has been a life long friend of my mother in law. When you walk in the door there is nothing that seems like a nursing home, it is more like a five star hotel. I am thankful my mother in law had a chance to come here, because I know she is well cared for, she is never left alone unless she is sound asleep (even still they have devices to alert everyone to any minor need). She is getting all the therapy (and then some) to make it so she can get well. Thank God we found a place that goes above and beyond any expectation. This is a beautiful nursing home with plenty of good spirit and care to go around!

(5-Star review posted under Google Reviews November 2019)

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