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Review by Rosa Turano

My husband was transferred from Robert Wood Johnson on 8/19 and released on 12/3/18. I was so impressed by the service, care, therapy, from everyone from nurses to pa to aides and therapist. The facility is one of the best I have ever seen. It's clean, the rooms are beautiful, and the activities are incredible. The volunteers are the best. Caring, loving and always remembering the patients names. Even though I brought food from home, my husband was happy with what was prepared. In the beginning he was not eating much, so I can attest to the quality since I would eat his leftovers. During his stay he had to go back to the hospital three times due to complications. On his return we both felt as if we had come home. The speech therapist had so much patience with him, and the physical therapists who he saw twice a day were great. The nurses were all great, in particular I must praise Dawn (on third floor). She treated us as if we were family. Before being released, Michelle in social services helped with all the necessary equipment from hospital bed, wheel chair and transportation, to come home. I know from experience with my mother there is no easy way to deal with a family member in a nursing home, but this one can make your life easier to deal with by showing caring attention. The aides, in particular Alicia, Rosette, Nikki, and Vicki, who treated me like their mother and my husband like their father. Reassuring us from the first day that things would get better, and thank God they did. I am grateful my husband is home and the months he spent in there helped me learn how to cope with him and appreciate what we now have. Thank you to everyone at Reformed Church Home, and if I have neglected to mention anyone, please know you're not forgotten and you are in my prayers for what you have done for us to survive this difficult period in our life. (5-star review published on Caring.com January 8, 2018)

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