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A Letter from Susan Vilagi

Dear Kate,

Since yesterday was my brother John Wallgren’s 69th birthday, I thought it was finally time to sit down and write to our friends at the Reformed Church Home and acknowledge their kindness and compassion in caring for him the last ten years of his life.

There are so many people to thank—from the receptionists, to the kitchen crew, dining room staff, maintenance staff, laundry, housekeeping, therapists, activities, administrators, pastoral care, nursing staff, aides, and—of course– the 2nd floor skilled care team led by Wilson Santiago.  All of these people took the time to get to know my brother and treated him in a most professional, kind, and compassionate way when I know, at times, he made it very difficult to do so.  Not only was John treated in this way, but my husband and I, his sister and brother-in-law, were also included in this caring, and by so many people mentioned already.  Not only were you available for my brother, but for his family, too—and believe me, the kind words spoken, phone calls, hugs and talks behind closed doors where I would unburden myself—certainly went beyond what any other facility could provide.

So thank you, Reformed Church Home family, for just everything—you are all in my nightly prayers and always will be.  Your support and friendship will never be forgotten…

I have many fond memories of all my friends at the RCH and all the times we’ve shared together, but I think my fondest memory was John’s last ride past his beloved residence prior to his being laid to rest.  The hearse and 2 limousines drove around back where his family gazed at this room, and then came around the front to pass by the entrance, and there, lined up all along the sidewalk, were all his friends and workers from the Home waving him a final goodbye.  This gesture touched my heart more than you’ll ever know.

God Bless you all!

Susan Vilagi

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