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A letter from Helen Miller

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share the life-changing difference RCH has made in my mom’s life and all of her concerned family and close friends. As a Registered Nurse myself, I worked for 40 years; the last 10 of which I worked with the Senior Community, both institutional, and home care settings. I have never encountered a place so exceptionally clean, where every person you meet smiles & says “hello”.

Each day I wake up, I Thank God for answering my prayers… Before my sister & I entered RCH for the first time… I was afraid & nervous! I grabbed her hand & stopped her & asked her to pray with me, that if this was the right place for mom, He would let me know! So you first mentioned “St. Ambrose” affiliation, which is her parish. She & her friends are very involved with service to that church & know the clergy well! Then you mentioned bus trips to Shop Rite, Dollar Store–her favorite places to go! Daily rosary, which she says every day just to name a few! Lights & bells were going off in my head! God answered my prayers and I knew we were in the right place for mom! God’s Spirit is alive there! He lives in the hearts & souls of the people who serve Him by the Love and Respect they show for each person they care for and each other. Thank you! Helen Miller, daughter of Assisted Living resident

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