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Thanking So Many for Donating So Much!

MVP Softball in Marlboro donated over 30 meals to Reformed Church Home, delivered from Mixed Greens & Grill, Manalapan

Soon after the coronavirus crisis closed our doors, we initiated an Employee Appreciation Fund to help lift up the staff and give them energy to work under the most difficult of circumstances. To date, our wonderful families, vendors, community organizations, and employees themselves donated over $13,000, which has certainly made this time more bearable with frequent deliveries made possible of food, snacks, water, and gift raffles. Some families and businesses decided to have pizza or meals delivered directly to specific departments or for birthday celebrations for their family members. Still others took the time to make greeting cards and write letters to our quarantined residents, or supply adult coloring books, homemade masks, and other useful items.

Everyone in every department has benefited from your generosity, and all wish to thank those who have given so unselfishly. The attached list of donors is complete as of June 11, 2020. If your name was missed we apologize as it has been a very hectic time -- just call us so we can correct our listing. Thank you once again for caring enough to support the RCH team! 

Download Employee Appreciation Donation Listing Alpha Order 6 11 20

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