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Indoor Visitation Guidelines for Assisted Living

Indoor Visitation Guidelines for Assisted Living Reformed Church Home

It is the policy of the Reformed Church Home to allow scheduled indoor visitation in the resident’s individual assisted living apartment(s) when the facility reaches Phase 2. Visits with a resident must be scheduled in advance and are dependent upon the facility remaining in Stage 2 or greater in the “Road to Recovery” Reopening Plan for the State of New Jersey; the availability of PPE; and sufficient staffing at the facility to meet resident care needs, as well as the health and well-being of the resident.


a)    Indoor Visitation times will be posted on SignUpGenius.  Family members can create an account and sign up for a time to visit their loved one by visiting www.signupgenius.com. (See step-by-step instructions by scrolling down to the bottom of this article.) Time slots are on a first come, first serve basis. 

b)    Indoor visits may be scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Visits will initially be limited to thirty (30) minutes per resident, per week in an effort to accommodate all residents and families.  If time slots are available after all residents receive an initial appointment, then additional visits may be scheduled.  Weekend indoor visitation hours, if any, will be determined based on staffing and will be announced. 

c)    Reformed Church Home will honor each resident’s right to have and choose visitors and to make preferences. The activity staff will meet with each resident to determine who the resident wishes to visit with in person. During these visits, the activities staff will explain to the resident how visitation will work and what the resident can expect. 

d)    The visitation policy will be provided to residents, resident’s visitors, staff and others, as needed in writing, via the email chain used to convey COVID-19 information and policy changes. 

e)    Reformed Church Home has designated that all in person visits are to take place in the residents’ apartment.  At this time, the common areas are closed to outside visitors. Visitors will be provided with the visitation guidelines upon check in.  Prior to the initial visit, visitors are strongly encouraged to have obtained the flu shot and to have a negative COVID-19 test, complete a screening questionnaire upon arrival, and have their temperature taken. A screening questionnaire is attached to this article, which you can access by scrolling down. Any visitor who has symptoms of any infectious disease will not be permitted to visit with the resident. Once cleared, visitors will be escorted by a staff member to the resident’s apartment. 

f)     Each resident is limited to no more than two (2) visitors per visit. Visitors must remain at least 6 feet from the resident and attending staff member(s) at all times during the visit. 

g)    Staff members are required to wear a surgical facemask; residents must wear a face covering (surgical mask if supply is available); and visitors must wear a face covering or mask for the duration of the visit. 

i)     Visitors and residents are strongly encouraged to restrict physical contact with the resident.

j)      At the conclusion of the visit, staff will go to the resident’s apartment to escort them to the front door. 

k)    Visitors and residents will be required to sign an informed consent form (scroll down to bottom of article to print a copy) stating that they are aware of the possible dangers of exposure to COVID-19 for both the resident and the visitor and that they will follow the rules set by the Reformed Church Home in regard to indoor visitation.  The facility must receive a signed statement from each visitor and resident (if the resident is unable to consent then the consent needs to be signed by the authorized representative) with a copy provided to the visitor and resident, that they are aware of the risk of exposure to COVID-19 during the visit, that they will strictly comply with the facility policies during indoor visitation, and that the visitor will notify Jennifer Belandres, Infection Preventionist, or the nursing supervisor on duty if they test positive for COVID-19 or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 within fourteen (14) days of the visit.

l)     The Public Restrooms near the first floor lobby will be available to visitors.  Visitors should refrain from using the resident’s bathroom. 

m)  Visits may be rescheduled to patio visits or cancelled if the facility moves from Phase 2 to Phase 0 or Phase 1. 


Go to www.signupgenius.com

Go to the “Create a Sign Up” button

Fill out all information, then press register

You will receive an activation email to verify your sign up – Click the Activate button

Click on the search button (magnifying glass) on the SignUpGenius page

Enter aromaniello@rchnj.org under “Search for a sign up by sign up creator's email”

Click on “I’m not a robot,” then search

You will see the name “Alberta Romaniello”

Under the name and picture you will see “Assisted Living Indoor Visits” - click on this

You will then see the available days and times from which you have to choose

Click on “Sign up”

Then down on bottom of page click on “Submit and sign up”

Fill out requested information

Then click on “Sign up now”

Congratulations, you are all set. Enjoy your visit!

For an advance copy of the Family Screening Questionnaire and Informed Consent Form, which you can print and bring to RCH to speed up the check-in process, click on the link below.


Download Family Visitation Screening And Informed Consent October 2020 001

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