When it’s time to consider senior living for your parent or loved one, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed with where to begin. These days there are many options available so it’s important to stay informed. After all, you want to make a decision that best meets your family’s desires and needs. We’re here to help; here are some questions to ask when choosing a senior living community.

  1. How are care levels determined?
  2. How are residents’ service plans created?
  3. Are the services customized to each resident’s needs?
  4. How does the community meet residents’ needs as they change over time?
  5. Will you be updated when residents experience any changes?
  6. If the need for services not offered by a particular community arises, how is that need addressed?
  7. How are team members trained, both initially and on an ongoing basis?
  8. What dining options are available?
  9. How does the community meet nutritional needs and preferences?
  10. Is there an appealing variety of activities, both inside and outside of the community?
  11. During initial visits, are team members engaging warmly?
  12. Do the current residents appear well cared for?
  13. Are current residents participating in conversations and activities?
  14. Are there any restrictions on visitors, and does the community make it easy for residents to host family and friends?
  15. Does the environment feel comfortable, does it feel like a true home?

Make sure that everyone is involved in the decision-making process, especially your loved one. The best way to see if a community feels like home is to visit in person. Remember, you’re not just shopping, you’re choosing a home for them.

If you think it may be time for your family to consider senior living, Reformed Church Home offers a home-like environment. Whether or not you choose our community, we hope you’ll continue to weigh your options and make an informed decision. If you’d like to learn more, call, visit, or explore our website to learn more about the quality of life at our senior living community in Old Bridge, NJ!