The 4th of July is more than just a day to celebrate America’s Independence; it’s a wonderful opportunity to bring together the family through creative expression. Engaging in arts and crafts can be a therapeutic and joyful experience for seniors, offering a sense of accomplishment and an avenue for social interaction. Here are some fun crafts for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

  1. Patriotic Pinwheels: Simple and fun, these pinwheels can be made using just colorful paper, push pins, and plastic straws. These beautiful paper designs craft pinwheels that spin gleefully in the breeze, adding a playful touch to your front or back yard.
  2. American Flag Mason Jars: These jars are perfect for a 4th of July craft. By painting mason jars in stripes of red and white and adding a blue field with white stars, you can create beautiful, patriotic vases. These can be used for several things like holding fresh summer flowers.
  3. Handprint Bald Eagles: Using white, brown, and yellow paint, use your handprint to create eagles on paper or fabric. This craft not only allows for artistic expression but also creates a keepsake that families can cherish.

Remember to prepare all materials in advance in a comfortable setting for your loved one. The goal is to make the crafting experience enjoyable and stress-free for everyone.

At Reformed Church Home, we’re excited to bring our community together through these engaging and accessible craft projects. This 4th of July let’s celebrate our nation’s independence and our shared spirit of creativity.


If you have a loved one who might benefit from being part of our vibrant community, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff is here to provide information and help you understand how Reformed Church Home can support your family.