Be Good to Your Brain

The ability to think, learn, and remember is an important component of performing everyday activities. And as we age, our brain changes, which can affect these everyday activities. That’s why it is important to give some time, love, and care to our brains. Here are some tips to consider adopting to support a healthy brain!


Brain Diet

You already know that a healthy diet can improve health in many ways, but it can also promote healthier brain function. Eating a diet low in saturated fat and full of dark-skinned fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens is the way to go. Cold water fish and some nuts are good options, too. A healthy diet can increase the production and connection of new neurons. The more the connections between neurons the better they can communicate, and the better we can learn, think, and memorize.



In addition to healthy eating, exercise offers countless benefits to our brains. Each heartbeat delivers up to 20% of blood flow to your brain, which brings oxygen and other nutrients to keep it going at an optimal level. Try different ways of being active and find one that works for your body and schedule so you can sustain it. It could be walking, swimming or even dancing. The key is to start small and slow with the goal of building the regimen up over time.


Be Social

Just like the physical, exercising the brain by remaining socially engaged and learning new things supports a healthy brain. by building up its cognitive reserve. Using a variety of activities like book clubs, discussion groups and trivia lets you engage. Cognitive stimulation can maintain brain health and help older adults feel connected and engaged.

Appreciate all the ways we can focus on having healthy brains by fostering good habits.


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